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Medicago Letter of Recommendation

5 October, 2011

To Whom It May Concern,

In 2011 Medicago began construction of a facility to manufacture vaccines produced in plants using a novel production process. Two unit operations of the production process required design of tangential flow filtration systems. The systems required larger than normal scale-up factors, had specific pumping and flow requirements and were expected to be used for future manufacture of drug substance that would be used for innoculation of humans. Medicago chose Dynamic Manufacturing Solutions, LLC as the partner with which to work with for the design and construction of these systems.

DMS delivered a high quality product to Medicago, on schedule and on budget, and provided excellent service and communication throughout the fabrication process. The documentation package recieved with the equipment was thorough and provided exceptional detail. DMS was extremely helpful in creating a quality product and working through design modifications such that Medicago obtained TFF skids that would perform as designed.

I do not hesitate to recommend DMS as a provider of custom equipment and I expect we will be working with them again on future projects.

Best Regards,

Todd Talarico, Ph.D.

Senior Director of Industrial Process Medicago-USA

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