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Pharmaceutical and Life Science Process Systems

Pharmaceutical Modular Systems

Pharmaceutical Modular Process System DMS offers a full array of services specific to the pharmaceutical and bio-tech industries. From design to delivery, our experienced team of certified industry experts, design and build the right solution for your modular process requirements. Our customers benefit from the experience our team provides–we understand the importance of operational efficiencies, coupled with the highest quality products and proven installation procedures.  We produce modular process systems which not only adhere to the customer specifications, but offer additional benefits to the manufacturing process.

Take advantage of our modular systems experience

Experienced Pharmaceutical Skids project manager Our team has years of experience designing, building and fabricating modular systems. We create the most efficient and affective system for your specific application, while helping to avoid mechanical and process interruptions. Rely on us to provide you and your team with the right equipment, designed and built to meet your application.

Certified Technicians and Highest Quality Components

We believe in keeping our parts and skilled labor held to the highest standards. Our quality control process continually evaluates both products and our laborers to ensure they posses the proper certifications for every job. When your modular system leaves our facilities, you can be assured the proper certifications have been applied and your system will perform as you expect.

Clean Room and Hygienic Facility

Our fully certified Class 1000 and Class 100 clean rooms and segregated hygienic facility provides the perfect environment to fabricate custom design modules while adhering to strict sanitary compliance.  In our facility we provide our customers with all types of customized process systems and fabrications needed to make your applications and manufacturing process more efficient. We deliver custom manufactured compliant skids for hygienic applications.

Systems Experience

High purity water systems
Pharmaceutical Formulation Systems
Buffer Prep skids
BioDecon systems
Ultra, Micro and Nano filtration systems
Utility Skids