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Semiconductor Manufacturing Solutions

Design, Supply chain and manufacturing Experts

With our proven design team, supply chain management expertise, and process driven build quality, DMS provides full-service large system integration to small assembly support. This includes modular process system builds and industrial automation supporting the capital equipment industry. Our experienced engineers and professional project managers will help your team through the concept, design and build of your project. Our state-of-the-art facilities meet or exceeds industry standards and provides the ideal environment for new product introduction to volume manufacturing. DMS is your single-source solution for all outsource manufacturing requirements.

Semiconductor Industry Services:

  • DMS design and sourced solutions - Supports OEM equipment manufacturing
  • Sub assemblies - Mechanical and electrical assemblies
  • Refurbish capitol equipment - Core tool rebuilds
  • Sensor assemblies - Laser Center-Finders, Wafer on Blade (WOB) assemblies
  • Facilities modules - Including Water, Glycol, Gaulden and process chemistry and gas
  • Heat Exchangers- Cooling systems for high temp chamber and other applications
  • Equipment Front End Module (EFEM) designs
  • Process modules - Gas and chemical delivery systems and chamber sourcing

Additionally, we offer a multitude of OEM suppliers to support next generation product development providing the right solution for the customer requirement. These offerings are specifically targeted to help lower overall cost for equipment programs through supply chain leadership and value-added solutions.

Customers Benefits

Along with our industry experience and build quality, we provide additional benefits to our customers:

  • Strong understanding of Semiconductor industry cycles - Dynamic Manufacturing Solutions’ business is leveraged across multiple sectors to stabilize experienced man power and supplier support regardless of the Semiconductor sector’s volatility.
  • Our affiliate companies provide vertical integration and supply chain management benefits that allow us to stay lean during down turns and upturns in the Semiconductor industry.
  • A century of combined experience in the industry.
  • Over $15M of test and verification equipment supporting our manufacturing excellence.
  • Extensive experience in manufacturing and design of industrial automation assemblies.
  • Strategic manufacturing locations representing various disciplines with scalable capacity.